Catherine Vanasse Grosdidier

My job is to manage ECSESS and make sure everything is running smoothly. I work with the execs and reps to set goals and help them plan their events. I also meet with the department and chair to give input on projects and program changes. I’m working on creating a financial aid fund for our professional events. I’m also working closely with Gabrielle on new equity and mental health initiatives. Finally, I’m trying out a new council structure for reps and execs.

Cara Zhang
VP External

I am the liaison between the student body and the Industry. I organize networking events, company office visits, and Industry trips for over 1000 students. A big challenge in previous years was a lack of communication between students and companies, which resulted in companies not finding candidates, and students not finding positions. I am currently working with MESC to bridge this gap by organizing better events and getting more student turnout.

Anna Bieber
VP Internal

I organize events such as Pancake Breakfast, Movie Night, Socials etc. Basically all of the events that take place on campus for ECSESS students. My goal this year is to make all of the events run smoothly as there have been some ups and down in the past. And also to structure the portfolio so that the next internal can take over something well organized and not feel lost with all of the events happening.

Elie Elia
VP Communications

I’m responsible for the outreach to the ECSE student body. That’s through our ECSE event posters, dms on Facebook, the weekly livewire, Instagram posts and stories, giveaways and raffles, facebook posts, pictures and this series! I’ve revamped the design of the weekly livewire (pls read it ) and included some extra bits to it such as the ‘Did You Know?’ facts. I’m also trying to get ECSESS more active on Instagram through stories and raffles/giveaways, and using photography and videography to get more ECSE students involved!

Massiva Mahamli
VP Administration

I’m in charge of student space and visibility so I take care of the study rooms, the student lounge and the apparel sale. I just started a more formal renting system for students to have access to chalk and markers when they’re working in the study rooms (come to the lounge!!) , I’m also planning on bringing back the Destress with ECSESS event during final season if you have any more suggestions on improving the lounge, we just added a suggestion box in there just for that.

Alex Moreau
VP Finance

As ECSESS VP Finance, I organize our year long budget. This holds all our events and the money we expect to allocate to them. Furthermore, I manage our council’s money and make sure all of our money is put to good use. As ECSESS VP Finance, I look for good ways to invest our money and build something that can benefit all of us. This year, I will attempt to build the foundation of a fund available to all ECSE students. The fund could help a student go to a conference abroad or advance a project he previously did not have the funds to progress. I feel as though giving back the money to students that want to further their education within McGill and ECSE is something that is worth working on.

Evan LaFlamme
VP Academic

I am the liaison between students and the department. I attend departmental and curriculum meetings to represent students and address their concerns. I also organize our Professor Speaker Series and Academic Forum events. I am working with other departments to make it easier for students to voice their concerns and give feedback about their courses and curriculums.

Erick Zhao
VP Tech Dev

Most notably, I’m the chair of McGill CodeJam. In general, my goal is to promote tech advocacy among all ECSE students. This year, I’d like to add more tech events beyond CodeJam: Pattern Recognition!

Dina Shoham
U0 Rep

I’m a rep but also a liaison, meaning I represent U0 students at ECSESS and at the same time I’m the connection between Junior Council and ECSESS.

Dafne Culha
U1 Electrical Rep

I am here to act as a liaison between U1 electrical engineers and ECSESS/EUS so if you have any questions/suggestions hmu! I want more U1 people joining ECSESS events because ECSE U1 team is awesome!!

Christos Cunning
U1 Computer Rep

I represent the interests of and concerns of all U1 Computer engineers on ECSESS and EUS council. I also organize fun events for U1 ECSE students along with the other U1 ECSESS reps. My goal this year is to try and get as many ECSE students involved in ECSESS as possible!

Emile Brule-Champagne
U1 Software Rep

Wait, you mean I’m actually supposed to *do* stuff..? Just kidding! In short, I represent our class (U1 Software Engineering) within ECSESS and the greater EUS. That means attending weekly ECSESS and bi-weekly EUS meetings, wherein I am the voice and vote-holder of our class, taking into account the best interest of the student-body. It’s actually a 2-way avenue, whereby I diffuse information from council to everyone else too (such as with in-class announcements!) Don’t be shy to say hi or share ideas that can even be brought up in council The foundation to any successful organization is openness and communication. I strive to maintain a genuine comfort-zone around people, which I feel fosters these precious, discussion-rich environments. I know that this year we have a really solid group, so I’m looking forward to collaborating on, as well as participating in lots of different events that are sure to be equitable and loads of fun for all!

Jude Habib
U2 Electrical Rep

I try to listen to U2 Electrical concerns (inside and outside of class) and voice them at weekly ECSESS council meetings (and biweekly EUS council meetings). As one of the few returning members to council I hope to bring a bit of experience and make sure that ECSESS is using its $$$ to directly help its students.

Paul Hooley
U2 Computer Rep

I try to help out as best I can and make computer engineering more of a community.

Spencer Handfield
U2 Software Rep

I actively represent and speak on behalf of the U2 software students at EUS and ECSESS council and assist in ECSESS’s wide variety of events. The premise of an active and passionate rep, from actively listening and participating at councils to helping out outside of meetings as well.

Francois-Elliot Rousseau
U3 Electrical Rep

Liaison between ECSESS council and U3 electrical students. I also represent our student body on EUS council.

Michael Vaquier
U3 Computer Rep

I plan to contact a speaker from an outside company to give a presentation relevant to undergrad students on topics related to giving effective presentations and efficient research methods. My favourite event is FOODJAM! Also known as CodeJam! It’s one of the biggest hackathons organized at McGill where you can bond with your friends over 48h of coding and also get relevant experience!

Raphael Di Piazza
U3 Software Rep

I hope to bring my support to the VPs in the organization of their events and help with their promotion to get more people involved.

Reda El Khili
U4 Electrical Rep

I represent my peers on both ECSESS and EUS councils. I also help organize and promote very cool events for students. I also give FIFA and Fusbal lessons if anyone is interested, come find me in the Lounge  !

Gabrielle Doucette-Poirier
U4 Computer Rep – Equity & Mental Health Rep

You know the usual Rep stuff (come talk to me about events you’d like, problems with classes you’re taking, stuff that the council should know about, etc). As the Equity & Mental Health Rep, my job is to make a more inclusive space for everyone studying here and to promote and distribute information to help you all have a healthier time here. I’m working towards organizing public panels/talks with professors from other departments (mostly psychology) to come talk with us about equitable hiring processes, common mental illness, mindful project design, and more. Keep an eye out for Livewire info and tabling events!

Bogdan Dumitru
U4 Software Rep

I represent the bridge between the student body and the council. I hear your concern and requests and do something about them/pass them down to the appropriate people all while helping said people. I also help organize events like codejam and pancake breakfast. My goal this year is to give students more resources to share their accomplishments. One way I want to do this is (hopefully) implement the equivalent of professor speaker series but with students. I also want to work closely with the VP Tech Dev to try and implement a few more technical workshops as well as periodical ECSE challenges.