Alina Mambo

Hi friends! My name is Alina and I’m super excited to be this year’s ECSESS President. I’m currently in my fourth year of Computer Engineering and this is my third year on ECSESS and I hope you are looking forward to the events we have planned this year. Some of my main goals this year are to: improve council’s transparency, make our resources more available to ECSE students and increase our accountability to the ECSE student body. If you have any ideas or concerns I’m always down to have a chat, you can find me chilling on Trottier 5th or in the ECSESS Lounge (Trottier 1060).

Michael Mardini
VP External

Hey everyone! My name is Mike and I am the VP External for ECSESS this year. I’m here to try and help you land a sweet job or internship, and maybe have a bit of fun along the way. You can usually find me in Trottier playing chess or in my kitchen training for Iron Chef.

Mike Harvey
VP Internal

You’ll probably find me hanging around the Trottier lounge, at Blues Pub, or at one of the many social events organized by ECSESS events committee! Feel free to ask me any questions and drop on in to our open-door committee meetings!

Erick Zhao
VP Communications

I’m Erick, and I try my best to keep the student body informed on what’s happening around ECSESS. My job consists of sending out the Livewire, making posters, handling social media, and updating the website (it’ll look better soon, I promise). Please read my newsletters. Please?

Florence Diep
VP Administration

Hello hello! My name is Florence, and I am this year’s VP administration for ECSESS! I’m in U2 Software Engineering and this is my second year on council. My portfolio is all about student space and visibility, such as maintaining the lounge, study rooms and ECSE apparel sales. Come by the lounge for a chat and chill time!

Johannes Breitschwerdt
VP Finance

Being involved in student life through ECSESS is such a rewarding experience. I am excited to be this year’s VP Finance and to help my fellow council members plan events and come up with new ideas! I’m also often in the lounge and really enjoy discussing current events and the impact of technology on our society!

Catherine Grosdidier
VP Academic

Hi everyone! My name is Catherine and I’m really excited about being your VP academic this year. I represent the students in front of professors and administrators so if you have any concerns, comments or thoughts about academics, come talk to me about it!

Ali Shobeiri
VP Tech Dev

I’m a third year electrical engineering student who grew up in Calgary, Alberta. Fun fact about me, I’ve been in Software, Computer and now Electrical Engineering.

Jude Habib
U1 Electrical Rep

Hi I’m Jude, your U1 Electrical Rep. This is my first year in ECSESS and second year at McGill, so please hit me up with any questions so that we can both be confused and figure it out together. Feel free to sing any song to me except that Beatles one because (spoilers) I have heard that one before.

Reda El Khili
U2 Electrical Rep

Hey everyone !! My name is Reda and I am the U2 Electrical Rep. Don’t hesitate to come talk to me or ask me any question about anything. You can find me most of the time in the lounge beating Suleman at Foosball or beating Paul at FIFA.

Catherine McDougall
U3 Electrical Rep

Hi my name is also Catherine, and I am your U3 Electrical Rep! I’m from Mississauga, Ontario and have been involved in a variety of different clubs inside and outside of engineering at McGill. Feel free to drop by the lounge to chat about life and McGill!

Michael Verrecchia
U4 Electrical Rep

Born in Rhode Island, raised in MC10. Let me know if you got any cool baking tips or secrets!

Cara Zhang
U1 Computer Rep

When I’m sad I start to sing.. Then I realize that my voice is worse than my problems.

Chloe Grosdidier
U2 Computer Rep

Hey everyone! I’m Chloe and I’m look forward to being your U2 Computer Rep this year. I spend most my time in the lounge so feel free to come by and say hi! I live off of coffee, free wifi and deep conversations about PCBs and robots (!= EV3).

Robert Attard
U3 Computer Rep

As a student representative, it is my job to hear/relay the opinions and thoughts of all U3 Comp. Eng. Students. My hobbies include: snowboarding, obsessing over computer hardware, and bingeing Game of Thrones. Music I listen to: rock, classical music and Italian rap. You can pretty much always find me in the Trottier lounge, if you want to chat then feel free to come say hi!

Bogdan Dumitru
U4 Computer Rep

Hey guys, my name is Bogdan, your U4 Comp Rep repping from U3 Software! You can usually find me in the lounge or wherever free food/swag is. So, yknow, don’t be afraid to come see me with your ECSESS concerns, FIFA/Foosball challenges, or just to talk (plz talk hockey to me daddy)

Ajay Patel
U1 Software Rep

Hey, my names Ajay and I’m the U1 Software Engineering representative! I represent the ECSE student body by bringing up any issues at ECSESS and EUS council meetings. You might see me in your classes giving announcements about ECSESS events happening throughout the semester. If you have any questions or concerns regarding events or your ECSE classes you can always contact me in person or on Facebook, I’m glad to help 🔥💯

Paul Fournier
U2 Software Rep

I am from Paris where I lived for thirteen years. I moved to Hong Kong where I lived for 3 years, then I moved to New York City for 2 years. I am in U2 Software Engineering and I am taking a minor in Mathematics. I love football and rugby. Come challenge me at FIFA in the Lounge and get to know me better.

Suleman Malik
U3 Software Rep

ThEy’Re nOt sHiTcOInS mOm Im gOnNa moOn aNd bUy mYseLf a LaMbO

Ece Pidik
U4 Software Rep

Hey everyone! My name is Ece (not to be confused with our department) and I’m your U4 (UChill) Software Rep! You can always find me chilling at Trottier in the lounge or on the 5th floor. I’m pretty friendly and I rarely bite! My hobbies include going to Gerts, doing tequila shots, and making class announcements. Feel free to come up to me if you have any questions or concerns, or if you just wanna hang out. (P.S. please throw cookies at me if I look aggravated because of exams and assignments.)

Christos Cunning
U0 Rep

Christos is a U0 Electrical Engineer from Vancouver, BC who is extremely excited to be serving as the U0 ECSESS rep for this year! When not procrastinating doing homework or struggling through linear algebra, Christos can be found on the Ultimate field or chilling in the ECSESS lounge. As the U0 rep Christos is here to represent the interests of all U0 ECSESS students so if you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact him at!